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Welcome to the 100+ ON A GOOD DAY fantasy golf league hosted by Pro Tour Fantasy Golf for the friends of Robert Mojica. You can sign-up using this link if you know the league password. Year 4 utilizing this site, if you're new please note there is a $5 fee per user for this site, so $5 of your $125 entry will go towards utilizing the site and the remaining $120 will go towards the pot for winnings. This league accumulates players' earnings per tournament. Each tournament has varying purses and they will be listed on the site, so feel free to strategize around that. We will have 2 side games through the year (33 tournaments total): Beginning season cut streak winner and the anytime cut winner (basically string together the most made cuts and you'll win) We will have season standing payouts as follows after the final Tour Championship Tournament is finished: 1st = 42.5% 2nd = 22.5% 3rd = 12.5% 4th = 7.5% Streak Winner = 7.5% Anytime Streak Winner = 7.5% The site lists every PGATour eligible player whether they are rostered for the event or not, so the onus is on you to pick a golfer who is scheduled to play in that tournament and there are plenty of links for you to utilize in your research. You can select an "alternate golfer" just in case your player withdraws or does not compete in the tournament for whatever reason. The site is very mobile friendly and you can still make picks well ahead of time and see everyone's selections after the tournament starts. Submit your picks by tournament start time - I won't be assisting anyone who misses a pick this year for ANY REASON - so if you're the forgetful type, create a calendar reminder on Wednesdays or go ahead and put placeholder picks in for every week at the start of the season and adjust on a weekly basis. You can also enable the site to send you a reminder email if you haven't made a selection by Wednesday. Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions. -Robert
League Commissioner: Robert Mojica